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  • Easy to use – Designed to be simple to use, following natural work patterns aiding easy and user friendliness

  • Quick Response time – Application has a very quick response time compared to other software because of the fine performance tuning.

  • Easily Customizable – It is easily customizable and In-House Software Development team has an expertise for customization of individual college requirement

  • Help desk – Our support team is well trained and online support available through remote server

  • SMS / Email Alerts – The system has the ability to send SMS / Email alerts to the concerned stake holders

  • Timely support – We start our work on time schedule basis and make sure that it gets completed as per the agreed schedule

  • Team – Team of full experienced business and technical professional

  • Technology /Hardware Interface – We have the latest technology Face Recognition, Biometrics, RFID, Barcode solutions

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